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Ephram Howard HAYWARD

The excellent work on this page on Ephram's Line was researched by Shirley HAYWARD - She has also done much of the research up to George N. Hayward that matched much of my own on the main Hayward page . (Always good to have independent collaboration) I have changed it only in the formatting so that it fits with the formatting of the site.

Article in the 14 April 1892 POST  - Bruce>

Date April 14 1892, County Westmorland, Place Sackville, Newspaper Chignecto Post


Upwards of 300 persons were at the station Tuesday eve. to witness the departure of a number of citizens for the Western part of the Dominion. The train, comprising the regular western train with special emigrant cars attached was an hour late, having been detained by delays in loading the exodians and their effects at the different stations along the line. At Moncton a special train was made up and when it left had fully 350 persons on board bound for the West. Those who left Sackville were:

For Brandon, Manitoba, Mr. and Mrs. Elisha TINGLEY and two children; Edgar B. GEORGE, Isaac CROCKER, Chas. CROCKER, George BICKERTON, James MURRAY, Mrs. Cyrus HARPER and eldest daughter.

For Rapid city, Obed. STOKES, James STOKES, Gibson STOKES, Mrs. Alfred COLE, Calvin KINNEAR, Arthur RAYWORTH.

For Elkhorn, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel LUND and child and Miss Lund and masters Harvey LUND, David LUND, Albert LUND and Herbert LUND.

Ephraim HAYWARD, Port Elgin, went to Calgary.

14 April 1892 POST


Ephram Howard HAYWARD  was born on June 3, 1858 in New Brunswick and died on August 1933 in Unity, Saskatchewan. 

  • He married Mary Ellen BLACK in New Brunswick.  She was born <Abt 1870> in Richibucto, New Brunswick and died in Winnipeg, Manitoba. (Bruce - Found a marriage record that has Ephram H Hayward age 23, single, resident of and born in Port Elgin, son of George and Elizabeth, occupation was that of a Millwright, marrying on <month and day combination do not work for me, but that is what is there> 02, 30, 1882 to Mary E Black, age 23, single, resident of Richibucto, daughter of James and Rosetta - this also puts Mary Ellen Black at being born Abt 1859/1860 instead of Abt 1870 - note that the mother's maiden name was not listed- her place of residence was also spelt as Richebucto instead of Richibucto )

  • They had the following children:

    • George Nelson HAYWARD, born July 20, 1883, Shediac, Kent County N.B. <RS141A1b Index to Late Registration of Births, 1810-1906 Microfilm: F18770> died 8 Nov 1970 , Los Angeles , California, U.S.A <from California Death Records for 1940 - 1997>

    • Bruce Lebaron HAYWARD, born 1885

    • James Harvey HAYWARD, born January 15, 1887, New Brunswick - photograph

    • Clara Leona HAYWARD, born 1890, New Brunswick married Hugh Everard McKENZIE  August 7, 1918 in Winnipeg. (Note here from Bruce Edward Hayward - I remember Both Clara and Hugh fairly well as a young boy - One Halloween in particular we went to their house in Winnipeg (late 50's early 60's) for a taffy pull.  The aromas and warmth in that house were amazing.  Hugh was quite good with 'Tall tales' - one that comes to mind was about the cold blizzard that hit.  There had been a pot of coffee on the fire that froze so fast, that the ice was still warm... - I also spent time hunting with my Dad and Hugh.  - amazing smile to that man.)

      • Jean McKENZIE - Private

      • Lloyd McKENZIE - Private

    • John HAYWARD, born 1891, New Brunswick

    • Percy Black HAYWARD, born 01 March 1891, PORT ELGIN, WE, F18780 #1891-H-52 married Margaret UNKNOWN

      • Margurite HAYWARD

      • George HAYWARD

      • Robert HAYWARD

    • Minnie born: 1893 married: Leonard DAY - Photograph


Front left: Minnie (Hayward) Day, Mrs. Mary Ellen (Black) Hayward, Clara (Hayward) McKenzie. 

Top Left: Percy Black Hayward and James Harvey Hayward


James Harvey HAYWARD  was born on January 15, 1887 in New Brunswick and died on November 5, 1944 in Unity, Saskatchewan. 

Note: James PRYCE was born on November 20, 1859 in Nairn, Scotland and died on March 31, 1957 in Wawota.  Jessie MCLENNAN was born on November 22, 1861 in Nairnshire, Scotland and died on August 27, 1935 in Wawota.  They were married on October 17, 1885 in Lethbridge, Alberta.

(A note here from Bruce Edward Hayward - my grandfather (Rev. Silver Elmore Hayward) would have baptized some of the below 

They had the following children:

  • James Harvey Ephram HAYWARD, PRIVATE

  • Percival Earl HAYWARD, PRIVATE

  • Julia Minnie HAYWARD, PRIVATE

  • Cecil Charles HAYWARD, PRIVATE

    • - *** there are some WWII clippings, and a letter about Cecil below

  • Jean Bertha HAYWARD, PRIVATE



  • Russel Edward HAYWARD (Shirley's Dad) , PRIVATE

  • Robert Bryon HAYWARD  - Private

The rest is there but I will not publish information on Living persons other than their names.  If you want further information on this line contact us through our Contact us form, and I will contact Shirley for you.



Newspaper article about Cec and winning Military Medal for Bravery

Letter Shirley's Grandma received from Government about Cec and Military Medal 

Letter Shirley's  Grandma received from Government about Cec and Military Medal 

Shirley's Uncle Cec's war medals and obituary 

Shirley's  Uncle Cec's war medals and obituary 

A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/
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